VERO Flight Simulation


This is what we aim to and we started from the ground textures as we believe it's the basement of the type of environment in FSX that we call VERO (REAL).

VERO pilots are those who fly as in a real plane, in real life. It's a product for those who fly as real as it would be in a real airplane, with all the flight patterns, respecting altitudes etc. If this is your way of using FSX, then you are in the right place.

VERO is for those who want to fly REAL VFR. Only real world ground textures will give you the real reference to plan and file your VFR flight in VATSIM or IVAO or by yourself. Instructors can now teach VFR flights on a simulator, something that can not be done on FSX default world OR in any other simulated ground environment available today on the market as add-on.

Some people complain about photoreal ground textures because the textures below 1000" look grainy. The answer to this is the following…

1) by the time you are able to look out of the window during take off you will be above 600" and at about that height, our textures look good.

2) while climbing, up to 600/800" you will see autogen more than the textures so… the problem doesn't exist.

3) during approach, below 600" you will be looking at the runway. You will not have time to look out of the window and see the grainy textures. Beside, the ground textures will not be visible as buildings and trees will cover.

What about helicopter flying? Same story… if you care so much of details on the ground, isn't it better to simulate a landing on the REAL cities, REAL towns, REAL country areas then flying over a simulated world?

Read about our New Imagery Optimization Technique.

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