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Hello and thank you for wanting to know more about Pro Flight Simulator. Lots of people use this sofware as in the past 5 years simulators have had an increasing jump in technology as all gaming consoles have bettered themselves every year. I have been playing Pro Flight Simulator for a few months now and I have been addicted to logging in the free kelpie flight planner that they gave me. I am a first year pilot so that means I have a skilled trainer in th seat next to me helping. With Pro flight Simulator I am able to fly solo and not get hurt on a mislanding. The graphics are amazing and the cessna 172 controls are exactly like my friends so it helps me out when I am actually flying the cessna 172. The terrain graphics are awesome as well, I have a big screen and once ok twice I felt a little motion sickness. Google has come in and helped with the structure of Pro Flight Simulator immensely. Real weather in real time now that is cool in my book. Plus with google you get to see your friends and other players on the google map that is tracking their flight plan in real time. I am overall happy with this and yes I have the microsoft simulator and it is quite dusty now.

Over all I am completely happy about my purchase of Pro Flight Simulator. I encourage you to to take a look at my in deph review site Aeroplane Simulator.

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Its FlightGear which is free packaged and sold

Thank you,

Jason Rogers

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